Cartoon Characters

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Please note items shown are SAMPLES ONLY of the huge range we have

available not shown on our webisite.

  • 60s Batman
    Name: 60s Batman
    Code: BATOLD
  • Betty Rubble
    Name: Betty Rubble
    Code: BETTY
  • Bob The Builder
    Name: Bob The Builder
  • Dino Flintstone
    Name: Dino Flintstone
    Code: DINO
  • Fred Flintstone
    Name: Fred Flintstone
    Code: FREDF
  • Luigi
    Name: Luigi
    Code: LUIGI
  • Mario
    Name: Mario
    Code: MARIO
  • Minion
    Name: Minion
  • Popeye
    Name: Popeye
    Code: POPEYE
  • Scooby Doo - Mystery Inc
    Name: Scooby Doo - Mystery Inc
    Code: 9073
  • South Park Devil
    Name: South Park Devil
    Code: SPDEVIL
  • Thunderbirds
    Name: Thunderbirds
    Code: THUNDER
  • Tintin
    Name: Tintin
    Code: TINTIN
  • Wilma Flinstone
    Name: Wilma Flinstone
    Code: WILMA
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