General Christmas Costumes

  • Angel
    Name: Angel
    Code: ANGEL
  • Christmas Tree
    Name: Christmas Tree
  • Elf
    Name: Elf
  • Christmas Pudding
    Name: Christmas Pudding
    Code: 5088
  • Reindeer
    Name: Reindeer
    Code: REIN
  • Workshop Elf
    Name: Workshop Elf
    Code: 5089
  • Angel
    Name: Angel
  • Ugly Christmas Jumpers
    Name: Ugly Christmas Jumpers
    Code: XMAS2
  • Christmas Caroler
    Name: Christmas Caroler
  • Elf Dresses
    Name: Elf Dresses
  • Head Elf
    Name: Head Elf
  • Jesus Christ
    Name: Jesus Christ
    Code: 9140
  • Mrs Claus
    Name: Mrs Claus
    Description: This outfit has long skirt, blouse, bodice, apron. Wig is optional. We can also supply socks and shoes if you need. $60-$75 plus gst. This is just an example. We can do variations on this theme. We have shorter dresses if you prefer.
  • Snowman
    Name: Snowman
  • Three Wise Men
    Name: Three Wise Men
  • Virgin Mary
    Name: Virgin Mary
  • Assorted Sexy Mrs Claus
    Name: Assorted Sexy Mrs Claus
    Code: 3673
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