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  • 1950s Evening Gowns
    Name: 1950s Evening Gowns
    Code: Ball dresses
  • 1950s Prom
    Name: 1950s Prom
    Code: Ball dresses
  • Biker
    Name: Biker
    Code: 5212
  • Bowling Shirts
    Name: Bowling Shirts
    Code: BOWLING
  • Carmen Miranda
    Name: Carmen Miranda
  • Fem Fatale
    Name: Fem Fatale
    Code: pud1
  • Grease - Pink Ladies
    Name: Grease - Pink Ladies
    Code: Pink lady
  • Grease - T-Birds
    Name: Grease - T-Birds
    Code: 5209
  • Greaser
    Name: Greaser
    Code: 5207
  • Hollywood Screen Siren
    Name: Hollywood Screen Siren
    Code: DIAMONDS
  • Imitation Microphone w Stand #1 (H: 1.4m)
    Name: Imitation Microphone w Stand #1 (H: 1.4m)
    Description: 1 in stock
    Code: MUS0015
    NZ$ 30.20
  • Letterman Jackets
    Name: Letterman Jackets
  • Marilyn Monroe
    Name: Marilyn Monroe
    Code: MARILYN
  • Mr Four Square
    Name: Mr Four Square
    Code: MRFOUR
  • Pedal Pushers
    Name: Pedal Pushers
    Code: 5188
  • Pinup Sailor Girl
    Name: Pinup Sailor Girl
    Code: PINUS
  • Popeye
    Name: Popeye
    Code: POPEYE
  • Roller Waitress
    Name: Roller Waitress
    Code: 4357
  • Soda Jerk / Diner Waitress
    Name: Soda Jerk / Diner Waitress
  • Swing Petticoats
    Name: Swing Petticoats
    Code: 5192
  • Teddy Boy
    Name: Teddy Boy
    Code: 5210
  • Vintage Air Hostesses
    Name: Vintage Air Hostesses
    Code: AIRHOS
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