Fairytale/Book Characters

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available not shown on our website.

  • Alice In Wonderland
    Name: Alice In Wonderland
    Code: ALICE
  • Fairy Godmother
    Name: Fairy Godmother
    Code: FAIRYGOD
  • Mad Hatter
    Name: Mad Hatter
    Code: 9057
  • Snow White
    Name: Snow White
    Code: 9082
  • Little Red Riding Hood
    Name: Little Red Riding Hood
    Code: SLRRH
  • Queen Of Hearts
    Name: Queen Of Hearts
    Code: QUEENH
  • Arwen - Lord Of The Rings
    Name: Arwen - Lord Of The Rings
    Code: ARWEN
  • Captain Hook & Smee
    Name: Captain Hook & Smee
  • Cat In The Hat
    Name: Cat In The Hat
    Code: CATHAT
  • Cheshire Cat
    Name: Cheshire Cat
    Code: CHESHIRE
  • Cruella De Ville
    Name: Cruella De Ville
    Code: CRUELLA
  • Dorothy - Wizard Of Oz
    Name: Dorothy - Wizard Of Oz
    Code: Dorothy
  • Esmeralda
    Name: Esmeralda
  • Harry Potter
    Name: Harry Potter
    Code: HARRY
  • Hobbit - Lord Of The Rings
    Name: Hobbit - Lord Of The Rings
    Code: FRODDO
  • Little Bo Peep & Sheep
    Name: Little Bo Peep & Sheep
  • Mermaid
    Name: Mermaid
    Code: MERMAID
  • Peter Pan
    Name: Peter Pan
  • Playing Card - Alice in Wonderland
    Name: Playing Card - Alice in Wonderland
  • Renaissance
    Name: Renaissance
    Code: RAPUNZEL
  • Scarecrow
    Name: Scarecrow
    Code: 8065
  • Thing 1 & 2
    Name: Thing 1 & 2
  • Tinkerbell
    Name: Tinkerbell
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