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Please note our images are EXAMPLES ONLY of costumes we can piece together for you.
We have a huge range of items available that are not shown on our website! 

  • Acrobats
    Name: Acrobats
    Code: ACROBAT
  • Bearded Lady
    Name: Bearded Lady
    Code: BLADY
  • Burlesque
    Name: Burlesque
  • Circus Performers
    Name: Circus Performers
  • Cirque Performers
    Name: Cirque Performers
    Code: 9010
  • Clown Jumpsuits
    Name: Clown Jumpsuits
    Code: SILC
  • Clown Suits
    Name: Clown Suits
    Code: SADC
  • Day Of The Dead
    Name: Day Of The Dead
    Code: DAYDD
  • Fortune Teller
    Name: Fortune Teller
  • Half Man / Half Woman
    Name: Half Man / Half Woman
    Description: Circus
  • Knife Thrower and Assistant
    Name: Knife Thrower and Assistant
    Code: KNIFE
  • Lion Tamer
    Name: Lion Tamer
  • Mime Artist
    Name: Mime Artist
    Code: MIME
  • Moulin Rouge
    Name: Moulin Rouge
  • Pony Girl
    Name: Pony Girl
  • Poodle Girl
    Name: Poodle Girl
    Code: POODLE
  • Poor Clown
    Name: Poor Clown
  • Popcorn Seller
    Name: Popcorn Seller
    Code: POPC
  • Ringmaster
    Name: Ringmaster
    Code: LIONTR
  • Russian Hawk Tamer
    Name: Russian Hawk Tamer
    Code: 8064
  • Sexy Ringmaster
    Name: Sexy Ringmaster
    Code: RINGM
  • Strong Man
    Name: Strong Man
    Code: STRONGM
  • The Greatest Showman
    Name: The Greatest Showman
  • Tightrope Walker
    Name: Tightrope Walker
    Code: 8063
  • Vegas Showgirl
    Name: Vegas Showgirl
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