1900s-10s - Edwardian

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Please note our images are EXAMPLES ONLY of costumes we can piece together for you.
We have a huge range of items available that are not shown on our website! 

  • 1890's Lady
    Name: 1890's Lady
    Description: 2 piece Mutton Chop Sleeve Black, straight Skirt 1890s
  • 1900's Countryside Lady
    Name: 1900's Countryside Lady
    Description: Yellow Silk Kimono
  • 1900's Lady Out About Town
    Name: 1900's Lady Out About Town
    Description: Maroon Wool Coat with Fake Astrakhan Collar and Trim, 1900s
  • 1900s Daywear
    Name: 1900s Daywear
    Description: Jacket and Skirt Mauve/Pink 1900s
  • 1900s Evening Wear
    Name: 1900s Evening Wear
    Description: 2 Piece Pale Green w Soft Floral Design, Early 1900s
  • 1900s Gentleman
    Name: 1900s Gentleman
  • Downton Abbey
    Name: Downton Abbey
    Description: Skirt and Maroon Stripe Taffeta Jacket with Hat with Feathers 1900s
  • Downton Abbey
    Name: Downton Abbey
    Description: 2 Piece Maroon Brocade with Velvet Sleeves, 1900s
  • Early 1900's Daywear
    Name: Early 1900's Daywear
    Description: 2 Piece Soft Yellow with Pintuncks , Early 1900s
  • Edwardian Evening Wear
    Name: Edwardian Evening Wear
    Code: ind-edwardian evening
  • Edwardian Man About Town
    Name: Edwardian Man About Town
    Code: 8037
  • Edwardian Suits
    Name: Edwardian Suits
    Description: edwardian 1900 man men
  • Edwardian Suits
    Name: Edwardian Suits
  • Edwardian Suits
    Name: Edwardian Suits
  • Lady About Town
    Name: Lady About Town
    Description: Coat Pale Blue Velvet with Dark Velvet Collar 1900s
  • 1900's Sleepwear
    Name: 1900's Sleepwear
    Description: Dressing Gown Pale Peach with Lace Trim
  • Girls White Edwardian Dress
    Name: Girls White Edwardian Dress
  • WW1 Red Cross Nurse
    Name: WW1 Red Cross Nurse
    Description: WW1 Volenteer Red Cross Nurse
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