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We have a huge range of items available that are not shown on our website!

  • Abraham Lincoln
    Name: Abraham Lincoln
  • Bollywood
    Name: Bollywood
  • Buckingham Palace Guard
    Name: Buckingham Palace Guard
  • Buddist Monk
    Name: Buddist Monk
  • Carmen Miranda
    Name: Carmen Miranda
  • Carnival Rio
    Name: Carnival Rio
  • Cavemen
    Name: Cavemen
    Code: 3625
  • Cheongsam
    Name: Cheongsam
    Code: 9078
  • Clans Woman
    Name: Clans Woman
    Code: Viking Women
  • Cleopatra
    Name: Cleopatra
  • Cossack
    Name: Cossack
    Code: 9129
  • Dallas Cowboys Cheerleader
    Name: Dallas Cowboys Cheerleader
  • Day Of The Dead
    Name: Day Of The Dead
    Code: DAYDD
  • Desperado
    Name: Desperado
    Code: 8034
  • Donald Trump
    Name: Donald Trump
    Description: don, the Don, Donald
  • Dutch Girl - Kids
    Name: Dutch Girl - Kids
  • French
    Name: French
  • Frida Kahlo
    Name: Frida Kahlo
  • Geisha
    Name: Geisha
    Code: GEISHA3
  • Gendarme - French Police
    Name: Gendarme - French Police
  • German Girl - Kids
    Name: German Girl - Kids
  • Gondolier
    Name: Gondolier
  • Heidi
    Name: Heidi
    Code: HEIDI
  • Lederhosen
    Name: Lederhosen
    Code: GERM
  • Leprechaun
    Name: Leprechaun
  • Mariachi Band
    Name: Mariachi Band
  • Matador
    Name: Matador
    Code: 9055
  • Ninja
    Name: Ninja
  • Oktoberfest
    Name: Oktoberfest
    Code: BAVAR
  • Pearly King
    Name: Pearly King
    Code: Pearly King
  • Pinup Hula Girl
    Name: Pinup Hula Girl
    Code: PINUH
  • Queen Elizabeth
    Name: Queen Elizabeth
  • Russian Guard
    Name: Russian Guard
    Code: 2152
  • Russian Hawk Tamer
    Name: Russian Hawk Tamer
    Code: 8064
  • Samurai
    Name: Samurai
    Code: samrai
  • Sari
    Name: Sari
  • Spanish Dresses
    Name: Spanish Dresses
    Code: SPANISH
  • Spice Girls
    Name: Spice Girls
    Code: GERRI
  • Statue of Liberty
    Name: Statue of Liberty
  • Uncle Sam
    Name: Uncle Sam
  • Vegas - Lady Luck
    Name: Vegas - Lady Luck
  • Vegas Showgirl
    Name: Vegas Showgirl
  • Vikings
    Name: Vikings
    Code: 9013
  • Vikings - Lagertha
    Name: Vikings - Lagertha
  • Vikings - Ragnar Lothbrok
    Name: Vikings - Ragnar Lothbrok
  • Vikings Valhalla - Freydis
    Name: Vikings Valhalla - Freydis
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