Ancient World

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Please note our images are EXAMPLES ONLY of costumes we can piece together for you.
We have a huge range of items available that are not shown on our website! 

We also have a Roman Package Deal which includes all of these items in your choice of style for $104 +GST:

 1x Chest Armour  1x Leather Kilt  1x Underskirt or Tunic  1x Braces
 1x Basic Helmet  1x Footwear  1x Weapon or Shield (Plume Helmets available at an extra cost)

  • Artemis - Greek Goddess
    Name: Artemis - Greek Goddess
    Description: Goddess of the Moon and the Hunt
  • Athena - Greek Goddess
    Name: Athena - Greek Goddess
    Description: Goddess Wisdom and Warfare
  • Cleopatra
    Name: Cleopatra
  • Dionysus - Greek Goddess
    Name: Dionysus - Greek Goddess
  • Egyptian Lady
    Name: Egyptian Lady
    Code: 4704
  • Greek
    Name: Greek
  • Hades - Greek God
    Name: Hades - Greek God
  • Helen of Troy
    Name: Helen of Troy
  • Jesus of Nazareth
    Name: Jesus of Nazareth
    Code: JESUS
  • Maenad - Greek Mythology
    Name: Maenad - Greek Mythology
  • Merchant
    Name: Merchant
    Code: 5079
  • Merchant
    Name: Merchant
    Code: 5116
  • Minotaur
    Name: Minotaur
    Code: 9028
  • Spartacus
    Name: Spartacus
    Code: 4702
  • Three Wise Men
    Name: Three Wise Men
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