1800s - Victorian

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  • American Gothic
    Name: American Gothic
  • Bridgeton Gentleman
    Name: Bridgeton Gentleman
  • Early 1800s Bridgeton Style
    Name: Early 1800s Bridgeton Style
    Description: Empire Line Dress pale Green
  • Count Dracula
    Name: Count Dracula
  • Dead Victorian Housewife
    Name: Dead Victorian Housewife
  • Chimney Sweep
    Name: Chimney Sweep
  • Edwardian Coat and Hat
    Name: Edwardian Coat and Hat
    Code: 8037
  • Garden Party Dresses
    Name: Garden Party Dresses
    Code: PPFL
  • Jack The Ripper
    Name: Jack The Ripper
    Code: 8032
  • Moulin Rogue
    Name: Moulin Rogue
  • Nadja - What we see in the Shadows
    Name: Nadja - What we see in the Shadows
    Code: NADJA
  • Pioneer Woman
    Name: Pioneer Woman
  • Regency Gentleman
    Name: Regency Gentleman
    Code: 5127
  • Sherlock Holmes
    Name: Sherlock Holmes
    Code: SHERLOCK
  • Shop Keeper
    Name: Shop Keeper
    Code: SHOPK
  • Steampunk Victorian Wear
    Name: Steampunk Victorian Wear
    Code: STEAM1
  • Sweeney Todd
    Name: Sweeney Todd
    Code: 9051
  • Mrs Lovett - Sweeny Todd
    Name: Mrs Lovett - Sweeny Todd
    Description: The Demon Barber of Fleet Street
  • Madame Of The Night
    Name: Madame Of The Night
    Code: MADAME
  • Paper Boy - Horror
    Name: Paper Boy - Horror
  • Steampunk Dytopian Lord
    Name: Steampunk Dytopian Lord
    Code: STPUNK
  • Steampunk Western Woman
    Name: Steampunk Western Woman
  • Steampunk Gentleman Lord
    Name: Steampunk Gentleman Lord
    Code: Steam
  • Regency Dresses
    Name: Regency Dresses
    Code: AUSTR
  • Moulin Rouge
    Name: Moulin Rouge
    Code: 5128
  • Mr Darcy - Jane Austin
    Name: Mr Darcy - Jane Austin
  • Queen Victoria
    Name: Queen Victoria
    Description: Tags: Queen Royal
  • Victorian Madam
    Name: Victorian Madam
    Code: 8074
  • Victorian Maid
    Name: Victorian Maid
  • Victorian Gentleman
    Name: Victorian Gentleman
    Code: Victorian Gentleman
  • Victorian Mourning Dress
    Name: Victorian Mourning Dress
    Code: Halloween
  • Victorian Underwear
    Name: Victorian Underwear
  • Victorian Lady
    Name: Victorian Lady
    Code: Victorian Lady
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