Theme Ideas

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  • Hollywood
    Name: Hollywood
  • 70's Lounge
    Name: 70's Lounge
  • English Garden at Night
    Name: English Garden at Night
  • Spooky Halloween Victorian Living Room
    Name: Spooky Halloween Victorian Living Room
  • Alice In Wonderland / Mad hatters Tea Party
    Name: Alice In Wonderland / Mad hatters Tea Party
  • Circus
    Name: Circus
  • Moulin Rouge / Paris
    Name: Moulin Rouge / Paris
  • Santa's Grotto
    Name: Santa's Grotto
  • Miami Vice
    Name: Miami Vice
  • Bridgerton
    Name: Bridgerton
  • Mardi Gras / Masquerade
    Name: Mardi Gras / Masquerade
  • Cinderella
    Name: Cinderella
  • Absolem/ Alice in Wonderland
    Name: Absolem/ Alice in Wonderland
  • Gentlemen's Lounge
    Name: Gentlemen's Lounge
  • Gatsby/Art Deco
    Name: Gatsby/Art Deco
  • Kiwiana
    Name: Kiwiana
  • Garden / Floral Entrance
    Name: Garden / Floral Entrance
  • Egyptian / Desert
    Name: Egyptian / Desert
  • Marie Antoinette
    Name: Marie Antoinette
  • Paradiso
    Name: Paradiso
  • Batman / Superhero
    Name: Batman / Superhero
  • Harry Potter (Potions Class)
    Name: Harry Potter (Potions Class)
  • Western Saloon
    Name: Western Saloon
  • Game of Thrones
    Name: Game of Thrones
  • Egyptian Theme
    Name: Egyptian Theme
    Code: egyptian_theme
  • 70s Disco
    Name: 70s Disco
  • Medieval
    Name: Medieval
    Code: medieval_theme
  • Under the Sea
    Name: Under the Sea
  • Pirate Ship
    Name: Pirate Ship
  • Paris Cafe
    Name: Paris Cafe
  • Christmas Wonderland
    Name: Christmas Wonderland
  • Tomb Raider
    Name: Tomb Raider
  • Hollywood Entrance
    Name: Hollywood Entrance
  • 90's
    Name: 90's
  • Peter Pan
    Name: Peter Pan
  • Witches Den
    Name: Witches Den
  • Narnia (Lion, Witch and the Wardrobe)
    Name: Narnia (Lion, Witch and the Wardrobe)
  • Thriller
    Name: Thriller
  • Tropical
    Name: Tropical
  • Mermaids Cove
    Name: Mermaids Cove
  • 80's Disco
    Name: 80's Disco
  • Steam Punk
    Name: Steam Punk
  • Starry Greek
    Name: Starry Greek
  • Dia De Los Muertos/Day of the Dead
    Name: Dia De Los Muertos/Day of the Dead
  • Black and Gold
    Name: Black and Gold
  • Christmas Living Room
    Name: Christmas Living Room
  • Fortune Teller Parlour
    Name: Fortune Teller Parlour
  • Ivy Park
    Name: Ivy Park
  • Egyptian Tomb
    Name: Egyptian Tomb
  • James Bond
    Name: James Bond
  • Matariki
    Name: Matariki
  • Hansel & Gretel
    Name: Hansel & Gretel
  • 1920's Lounge
    Name: 1920's Lounge
  • Deadly Tea Party
    Name: Deadly Tea Party
  • Egyptian Gold Throne Room
    Name: Egyptian Gold Throne Room
  • Elvis Wedding Chappel
    Name: Elvis Wedding Chappel
  • Greek Night Garden
    Name: Greek Night Garden
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