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Please note items shown are SAMPLES ONLY of the huge range we have

available not shown on our website.

  • Beehive
    Name: Beehive
    Code: 9047
  • Brave Merida
    Name: Brave Merida
    Code: BRAVEM
  • Cleopatra Wigs
    Name: Cleopatra Wigs
    Code: CLEOW
  • Coloured Wigs
    Name: Coloured Wigs
  • Elvis
    Name: Elvis
    Code: 3381
  • Flapper Bob
    Name: Flapper Bob
    Code: FLAPBOB
  • Jack Sparrow
    Name: Jack Sparrow
    Code: ORANGEB
  • Katy Perry Wig
    Name: Katy Perry Wig
    Code: KATYW
  • Marilyn Wig
    Name: Marilyn Wig
    Code: 9038
  • Poison Ivy Wig
    Name: Poison Ivy Wig
    Code: 2144
  • Court Wig
    Name: Court Wig
    Code: 9046
  • The Queen
    Name: The Queen
    Code: 9048
  • Tina Turner / David Bowie
    Name: Tina Turner / David Bowie
    Code: 9037
  • Trump
    Name: Trump
    Code: TRUMP
  • Powdered Men's Wigs
    Name: Powdered Men's Wigs
    Code: WIGH
  • Birdcage Powdered Wigs
    Name: Birdcage Powdered Wigs
    Code: WIGR
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