How much does it cost to hire a prop?

Here at First Scene we charge per item so we are able to work to almost any budget. A bond is required upon collection of your props. This bond will be refunded to you upon return of your props in the same format that you paid (ie if you paid on your EFTPOS card we will refund on your EFTPOS card). We can only refund to the hirer who paid the bond unless we receive instructions from you at the time of hire ie. if your partner or friend is returning the costume for you and you confirm they can collect the bond on your behalf. Alternatively, we can refund the bond to your bank account.

How long is the prop hire period?

Our standard hire is for up to four days. If you require the prop for longer than four days extra charges apply. Films, TV shows, TV commercials receive a weekly rate. Theatre receives a fortnightly rate however this applies to theatre set dressing items only.

I am looking for a particular prop and can’t find it on your website

Please call us on (09) 815 7230 or email and talk to our team about any prop you can’t find on our website. Due to the EXTREME number of props in our collection (thousands!) we are not able to feature all of them on our site. We are working all the time to put more photos up for you!

I have never hired props from First Scene before, what’s the process?

Come in to our amazing store at 334B Rosebank Road (behind BOC Gas), Avondale where our props team will help you to find the right props for your event. All hires require a New Zealand photo ID – either a driver’s licence or NZ Passport. All hirers must be aged 18 or other. Our department is closest to the carpark at the rear of the building.

Can I book my props in advance?

Yes! You are very welcome to come in and book your props in advance of your event. Once you have chosen your props and are ready to book, you will need to pay a 20% booking fee. This will become a cancellation fee if you cancel your order within four weeks of the hire date. If cancelled within 72 hours of hire date, a 50% cancellation fee will apply.

Can I hire props if I am unable to come into the store?

Yes! Please email your request to our staff or book directly via our website. Our staff will reply to your email/website booking within 48 hours.

Do you offer transport services?

Yes! We can arrange local Auckland based transport for you and also courier smaller items around NZ.

I'm running short on time, can someone decorate my event for me?

We can offer a service providing some of our props team to help setup and pack-down any props your hire from us. (Subject to availability) 

What if I return my props late?

We charge a late fee – generally 50% of your original hire. If your late return affects the next hire you may be charged a Lost Hire fee.

I have damaged a prop – what happens now?

Our staff will assess the damage – if it can be fixed we will charge a repair fee, if it is damaged beyond repair we will charge replacement costs. If the costs are low these will be deducted from your bond. If they exceed your bond you will be required to pay the extra costs.

I have lost a prop – what happens now?

A replacement cost will be charged. The replacement cost depends on the item, whether an identical item can be purchased locally or whether it has to be made from scratch. Please note a replacement cost can be multiple times the cost of the hire due to the value of the item. These costs will be deducted from your bond. If the costs exceed your bond you will be required to pay the extra costs.

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