What is the difference between the Productions Wardrobe Dept and the Costumes Dept?

The Productions Wardrobe Department caters for anyone who is doing a television production, a film, photo-shoot, play, event, art project, school project etc. The Costumes Dept caters to general members of the public for personal celebrations ie work functions, birthday parties etc.

Can I get help selecting the costumes I require for my production?

Our expert stylists will assist you in selecting the costumes you require and can advise on specific fashions for different time frames. We can do this with you or pull racks of items prior to your appointment if you can supply images and measurements in advance.

Do I have to wash the costumes?

No. We have an industrial laundry and dry-cleaning facility. Garments that require extra cleaning (due to extreme soiling) may incur an ‘extra cleaning charge’. Any unusual use of the garments (ie jumping in the sea) must be approved by our manager prior to hire.

Can I bring my performers to First Scene for fittings?

Yes. We have a dressing room area that can accommodate your performers. You are also welcome to hire our dressing area for fittings of garments from outside of First Scene. A half day or full day charge will apply. We can offer you the use of our department for fittings outside of our normal business hours at a negotiated rate. Once selected, garments must not be altered in any way without prior consultation with the Productions Wardrobe Dept manager.

Can I book my costumes in advance?

Yes. If you come in and put costumes aside for a particular date we can hold them for up to two weeks without being booked.

Do you have Wi-fi in your store?

Yes. We offer WIFI so clients can refer to their project notes and images of garments while in our department.

I have damaged or lost my costume – what happens now?

Items that are lost or damaged beyond repair need to be paid for by the hirer. The replacement cost depends on the item. Please note that items from our Productions Wardrobe Department are often original and unique. This will be reflected in our replacement charges.

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