Other accessories

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Please note items shown are SAMPLES ONLY of the huge range we have

available not shown on our website.

  • Assorted Accessories
    Name: Assorted Accessories
    Code: ACC
  • Necklaces For All Occasions
    Name: Necklaces For All Occasions
    Code: ASSBN
  • Assorted Pendants
    Name: Assorted Pendants
    Code: ASSPEN
  • Belts
    Name: Belts
    Code: BELTA
  • Caveman Clubs
    Name: Caveman Clubs
    Code: CLUB
  • Cravats
    Name: Cravats
    Code: 4800
  • Cross Pendants
    Name: Cross Pendants
    Code: CROSS
  • Earrings
    Name: Earrings
    Code: EARRINGS
  • Flying Helmet & Goggles
    Name: Flying Helmet & Goggles
    Code: FLYINGH
  • Gauntletts
    Name: Gauntletts
    Code: GAUNT
  • Gladiator Armour
    Name: Gladiator Armour
  • Medals
    Name: Medals
    Code: Med1
  • Parasols
    Name: Parasols
    Code: PARASOLS
  • Pearl Necklaces
    Name: Pearl Necklaces
    Code: PEARL
  • Peg Legs
    Name: Peg Legs
    Code: PEGL
  • Rackets and Bats
    Name: Rackets and Bats
    Code: RAC
  • Replica Guns
    Name: Replica Guns
    Code: REP
  • Sam Browne belt
    Name: Sam Browne belt
    Code: SAMB
  • Sheilds
    Name: Sheilds
    Code: SHEIL
  • Sheriff Badges
    Name: Sheriff Badges
    Code: SBADGE
  • Steampunk Goggles
    Name: Steampunk Goggles
    Code: STEAMP1
  • Steampunk Gauntlet
    Name: Steampunk Gauntlet
    Code: STEAMP2
  • Stethescopes
    Name: Stethescopes
    Code: STET
  • Vintage Ties
    Name: Vintage Ties
    Code: VINTIE
  • Violin Cases
    Name: Violin Cases
    Code: VIO
  • Weapons
    Name: Weapons
    Code: WEAP
  • Western Holsters
    Name: Western Holsters
    Code: WSTRN
  • Whips And Bits
    Name: Whips And Bits
    Code: WHIP
  • Boxing Gear
    Name: Boxing Gear
    Code: BOXING
  • Novelty Gloves Assorted
    Name: Novelty Gloves Assorted
    Code: NGLO
  • Vintage Gloves
    Name: Vintage Gloves
    Code: VINGL
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