Suits / Coats

Please note these are only a small sample of our huge range.

  • Black Suit 1960s
    Name: Black Suit 1960s
    Code: indsuitblack60s
  • Casual Outfit 1960s
    Name: Casual Outfit 1960s
    Code: inJktbluemen
  • Detective
    Name: Detective
    Code: 8079
  • Suits 1940s
    Name: Suits 1940s
    Code: insuitmen40s
  • Suits 1960s
    Name: Suits 1960s
    Code: insuitmen60s
  • Suits 1980s
    Name: Suits 1980s
    Code: insuitmen80s
  • Overcoats /  Suits & Hats 1940s/50s (Ind)
    Name: Overcoats / Suits & Hats 1940s/50s (Ind)
    Code: 9222
  • Suits 1960s (Ind)
    Name: Suits 1960s (Ind)
    Code: 9221
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