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  • Masquerade  Couple
    Name: Masquerade Couple
    Code: 3601
  • Matador
    Name: Matador
    Code: 9055
  • Medals
    Name: Medals
    Code: Med1
  • Medieval Sorceress
    Name: Medieval Sorceress
    Code: Medieval Sorceress
  • Medieval Woodsman
    Name: Medieval Woodsman
    Code: 5159
  • Hades - Greek God
    Name: Hades - Greek God
  • 60s Streetwear
    Name: 60s Streetwear
    Code: 5205
  • Merchant
    Name: Merchant
    Code: 5157
  • The Little Mermaid - Ariel
    Name: The Little Mermaid - Ariel
    Code: MERMAID
  • Michael Jackson
    Name: Michael Jackson
    Code: 5251
  • Mime Artist
    Name: Mime Artist
    Code: MIME
  • Assorted Sexy Mrs Claus
    Name: Assorted Sexy Mrs Claus
    Code: 3673
  • Circus Performers
    Name: Circus Performers
  • Mod
    Name: Mod
    Code: 5199
  • Mongolian
    Name: Mongolian
    Code: MONGO
  • Mongolian Leather Helmet
    Name: Mongolian Leather Helmet
    Code: MLHEL
  • Monk
    Name: Monk
    Code: MONKP
  • Mr Four Square
    Name: Mr Four Square
  • Scarlett O'Hara - Gone with the Wind
    Name: Scarlett O'Hara - Gone with the Wind
    Code: Ball dresses
  • Geisha
    Name: Geisha
    Code: GEISHA3
  • Nacho Libre
    Name: Nacho Libre
    Code: NACHO
  • Napoleon Soldier
    Name: Napoleon Soldier
    Code: 5136
  • Navy White Peaked Hat
    Name: Navy White Peaked Hat
    Code: Navy White Peaked Hat
  • Rocker Boots
    Name: Rocker Boots
    Code: NRMB
  • Mod
    Name: Mod
    Code: 5200
  • Novelty Gloves Assorted
    Name: Novelty Gloves Assorted
    Code: NGLO
  • Nun
    Name: Nun
    Code: NUN
  • Star Wars - Jedi
    Name: Star Wars - Jedi
    Code: 9019
  • Orange Is the New Black
    Name: Orange Is the New Black
    Code: ORANGE
  • Panda Onesie
    Name: Panda Onesie
    Code: ONEPANDA
  • Parasols
    Name: Parasols
    Code: PARASOLS
  • Pearl Necklaces
    Name: Pearl Necklaces
    Code: PEARL
  • Pearly King
    Name: Pearly King
    Code: Pearly King
  • Peg Legs
    Name: Peg Legs
    Code: PEGL
  • Penguin
    Name: Penguin
    Code: PENGUIN
  • Princess Dresses
    Name: Princess Dresses
    Code: PRINCESS2
  • Tightrope Walker
    Name: Tightrope Walker
    Code: 8063
  • Star Trek
    Name: Star Trek
    Code: 9015
  • Animal Masks
    Name: Animal Masks
    Code: PIGM
  • Pimp Platforms
    Name: Pimp Platforms
    Code: PIMPP
  • Grease - Pink Ladies
    Name: Grease - Pink Ladies
  • Pinup Hula Girl
    Name: Pinup Hula Girl
    Code: PINUH
  • Pinup Sailor Girl
    Name: Pinup Sailor Girl
  • Ship Crew
    Name: Ship Crew
    Code: 5133
  • Planet Of The Apes
    Name: Planet Of The Apes
    Code: 9018
  • Poison Ivy - DC
    Name: Poison Ivy - DC
    Code: 9080
  • Poison Ivy Wig
    Name: Poison Ivy Wig
    Code: 2144
  • Poodle Girl
    Name: Poodle Girl
    Code: POODLE
  • Popcorn Seller
    Name: Popcorn Seller
    Code: POPC
  • Popeye
    Name: Popeye
  • Nicki Minaj
    Name: Nicki Minaj
    Code: 9077
  • Creepy Doll
    Name: Creepy Doll
    Code: 8076
  • Garden Party Dresses
    Name: Garden Party Dresses
    Code: PPFL
  • Priest
    Name: Priest
    Code: PRIEST
  • Princess Fiona - Shrek
    Name: Princess Fiona - Shrek
    Code: 9081
  • Star Wars - Princess Leia
    Name: Star Wars - Princess Leia
    Code: LEIA
  • Prophet
    Name: Prophet
    Code: 4706
  • Pukeko
    Name: Pukeko
    Code: 5235
  • Pumpkin
    Name: Pumpkin
    Code: PUMPKIN
  • Punk Wear
    Name: Punk Wear
    Code: Punk Girl
  • Puss In Boots
    Name: Puss In Boots
    Code: PUSS
  • Bunny with Open Face
    Name: Bunny with Open Face
    Code: 9149
  • Rackets and Bats
    Name: Rackets and Bats
    Code: RAC
  • Medieval Lady
    Name: Medieval Lady
    Code: RAPUNZEL
  • Fetish Ball Wear
    Name: Fetish Ball Wear
    Code: RAVEN
  • Court Wig
    Name: Court Wig
    Code: 9046
  • Russian Guard
    Name: Russian Guard
    Code: 2152
  • Rockabilly Heels
    Name: Rockabilly Heels
    Code: Pin2
  • Legends of the Seeker
    Name: Legends of the Seeker
    Code: 9107
  • Dorothy Ruby Slippers
    Name: Dorothy Ruby Slippers
    Code: 2145
  • Regency Gentleman
    Name: Regency Gentleman
    Code: 5127
  • Reindeer
    Name: Reindeer
    Code: REIN
  • Replica Guns
    Name: Replica Guns
    Code: REP
  • Riding Boots
    Name: Riding Boots
    Code: RIDB
  • Riding Helmet
    Name: Riding Helmet
    Code: RIDING
  • Rocky Horror - Columbia
    Name: Rocky Horror - Columbia
    Code: COLUMBIA
  • Rocky Horror - Riff Raff
    Name: Rocky Horror - Riff Raff
    Code: RIFFRAFF
  • Rodeo Wear
    Name: Rodeo Wear
    Code: 8036
  • Peasant Boots
    Name: Peasant Boots
    Code: ROMANB
  • Roman Brush Top helmet
    Name: Roman Brush Top helmet
    Code: RBTH
  • Roman Helmets
    Name: Roman Helmets
    Code: ROMANH
  • Harry Potter - Ron Weasley
    Name: Harry Potter - Ron Weasley
    Code: RON
  • Royal Crowns
    Name: Royal Crowns
    Code: CROWNS
  • Russian Hawk Tamer
    Name: Russian Hawk Tamer
    Code: 8064
  • Clown Suits
    Name: Clown Suits
    Code: SADC
  • Safari Suits
    Name: Safari Suits
    Code: 4950
  • Sailor Hats
    Name: Sailor Hats
    Code: SAILH
  • Sam Browne belt
    Name: Sam Browne belt
    Code: SAMB
  • Samurai
    Name: Samurai
    Code: samrai
  • Seahorse
    Name: Seahorse
    Code: SEAHORSE
  • Duchess
    Name: Duchess
    Code: 5146
  • Sexy Ringmaster
    Name: Sexy Ringmaster
    Code: RINGM
  • Beatles Sgt Pepper's
    Name: Beatles Sgt Pepper's
    Code: 5206
  • Shakespearean
    Name: Shakespearean
    Code: SHAKE
  • Sheilds
    Name: Sheilds
    Code: SHEIL
  • Sheriff Badges
    Name: Sheriff Badges
    Code: SBADGE
  • Sherlock Holmes
    Name: Sherlock Holmes
    Code: SHERLOCK
  • Workshop Elf
    Name: Workshop Elf
    Code: 5089
  • Shop Keeper
    Name: Shop Keeper
    Code: SHOPK
  • Clown Jumpsuits
    Name: Clown Jumpsuits
    Code: SILC
  • Snow White
    Name: Snow White
    Code: 9082
  • Sombreros
    Name: Sombreros
    Code: SOMBRERO
  • Southern Woman
    Name: Southern Woman
    Code: 2150
  • Spanish Gentleman
    Name: Spanish Gentleman
    Code: SPANG
  • Spanish Dresses
    Name: Spanish Dresses
    Code: SPANISH
  • Spiked /Horn Helmets
    Name: Spiked /Horn Helmets
    Code: VIKH
  • Squirrel - Assorted Colours
    Name: Squirrel - Assorted Colours
    Code: squi
  • Star Wars - Padme
    Name: Star Wars - Padme
    Code: Star Wars-Padme
  • Sons of Anarchy
    Name: Sons of Anarchy
  • Steampunk Goggles
    Name: Steampunk Goggles
    Code: STEAMP1
  • Susan - Narnia
    Name: Susan - Narnia
  • Steampunk Victorian Wear
    Name: Steampunk Victorian Wear
    Code: STEAM1
  • Steampunk Gauntlet
    Name: Steampunk Gauntlet
    Code: STEAMP2
  • Stethescopes
    Name: Stethescopes
    Code: STET
  • Storm Trooper *DELUXE version shown is for EVENT HIRE ONLY basic options are also available
    Name: Storm Trooper *DELUXE version shown is for EVENT HIRE ONLY basic options are also available
    Code: STORMT
  • Strong Man
    Name: Strong Man
    Code: STRONGM
  • Supergirl - DC
    Name: Supergirl - DC
  • Superman - DC
    Name: Superman - DC
    Code: 8067
  • Sweeney Todd
    Name: Sweeney Todd
    Code: 9051
  • Little Red Riding Hood
    Name: Little Red Riding Hood
    Code: SLRRH

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