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  • Storm Trooper *DELUXE version shown is for EVENT HIRE ONLY basic options are also available
    Name: Storm Trooper *DELUXE version shown is for EVENT HIRE ONLY basic options are also available
    Code: STORMT
  • Strong Man
    Name: Strong Man
    Code: STRONGM
  • Supergirl - DC
    Name: Supergirl - DC
  • Superman - DC
    Name: Superman - DC
    Code: 8067
  • Sweeney Todd
    Name: Sweeney Todd
    Code: 9051
  • Little Red Riding Hood
    Name: Little Red Riding Hood
    Code: SLRRH
  • T-Birds
    Name: T-Birds
    Code: 5209
  • Saxon Warrior
    Name: Saxon Warrior
    Code: 9021
  • Teddy Boy
    Name: Teddy Boy
    Code: 5210
  • Gangster Suits
    Name: Gangster Suits
    Code: 5173
  • Pony Girl
    Name: Pony Girl
  • Commander's Uniform
    Name: Commander's Uniform
    Code: 8078
  • Working Class
    Name: Working Class
    Code: 5180
  • Depression Era
    Name: Depression Era
    Code: 5175
  • The Exorcist
    Name: The Exorcist
    Code: 2154
  • The Explorers
    Name: The Explorers
    Code: 9052
  • Leaper
    Name: Leaper
    Code: HERMIT
  • The Holy Grail
    Name: The Holy Grail
    Code: 2155
  • Assorted Religious Robes
    Name: Assorted Religious Robes
    Code: 2156
  • The Queen
    Name: The Queen
    Code: 9048
  • Queen Of Hearts
    Name: Queen Of Hearts
    Code: QUEENH
  • The Spanish Inquisition
    Name: The Spanish Inquisition
    Code: 2157
  • The Stig
    Name: The Stig
    Code: STIG
  • Scarecrow - Wizard Oz
    Name: Scarecrow - Wizard Oz
    Code: 8065
  • Bunny With Mascot Head
    Name: Bunny With Mascot Head
    Code: 9150
  • 1940s Farmer
    Name: 1940s Farmer
    Code: 5181
  • Thriller
    Name: Thriller
    Code: MJTHRILL
  • Thunderbirds
    Name: Thunderbirds
    Code: THUNDER
  • Tiaras Assorted
    Name: Tiaras Assorted
    Code: TIARA
  • Tina Turner / David Bowie
    Name: Tina Turner / David Bowie
    Code: 9037
  • Tintin
    Name: Tintin
    Code: TINTIN
  • Tonto
    Name: Tonto
    Code: TONTO
  • Top Gun Girl
    Name: Top Gun Girl
    Code: TGG
  • Fighter Pilot
    Name: Fighter Pilot
    Code: TOPGM
  • Top Gun Pilot
    Name: Top Gun Pilot
    Code: TOPGUNP
  • Top Hats Assorted
    Name: Top Hats Assorted
    Code: Top Hats Assorted
  • Trump
    Name: Trump
    Code: TRUMP
  • Boys Suits
    Name: Boys Suits
    Code: TUXBOY
  • Victorian Gentleman
    Name: Victorian Gentleman
    Code: Victorian Gentleman
  • Victorian Lady
    Name: Victorian Lady
    Code: Victorian Lady
  • Clans Woman
    Name: Clans Woman
    Code: Viking Women
  • Vikings
    Name: Vikings
    Code: 9013
  • Vintage Gloves
    Name: Vintage Gloves
    Code: VINGL
  • Vintage Ties
    Name: Vintage Ties
    Code: VINTIE
  • Violin Cases
    Name: Violin Cases
    Code: VIO
  • Voodoo Witch
    Name: Voodoo Witch
    Code: VOODOO
  • Weapons
    Name: Weapons
    Code: WEAP
  • Indian Sari
    Name: Indian Sari
    Code: 4721
  • Minnie Mouse
    Name: Minnie Mouse
    Code: WMINIIE
  • Queen Of Hearts
    Name: Queen Of Hearts
    Code: WEEQUEEN
  • Edwardian Coat and Hat
    Name: Edwardian Coat and Hat
    Code: 8037
  • Western Holsters
    Name: Western Holsters
    Code: WSTRN
  • Western Hats
    Name: Western Hats
    Code: Western Stetson Hat- Brown
  • Elvira
    Name: Elvira
    Code: WITCH
  • Biker
    Name: Biker
    Code: 5212
  • Swing Skirts
    Name: Swing Skirts
    Code: 5189
  • Whips And Bits
    Name: Whips And Bits
    Code: WHIP
  • White Queen
    Name: White Queen
    Code: 5148
  • Gandalf - Lord of the Rings
    Name: Gandalf - Lord of the Rings
    Code: 5151
  • Powdered Men's Wigs
    Name: Powdered Men's Wigs
    Code: WIGH
  • Birdcage Powdered Wigs
    Name: Birdcage Powdered Wigs
    Code: WIGR
  • Willy Wonka
    Name: Willy Wonka
    Code: WILLY
  • Wilma Flinstone
    Name: Wilma Flinstone
    Code: WILMA
  • Witch Doctor
    Name: Witch Doctor
    Code: 9031
  • Empress
    Name: Empress
    Code: 5143
  • Old Crone
    Name: Old Crone
    Code: HAG
  • Clergy Woman
    Name: Clergy Woman
    Code: 5134
  • Countess
    Name: Countess
    Code: 5145
  • Wonder Woman - DC
    Name: Wonder Woman - DC
    Code: 9066
  • X-Men Storm - Marvel
    Name: X-Men Storm - Marvel
    Code: X-Men Storm
  • Star Wars - Yoda
    Name: Star Wars - Yoda
    Code: 9024
  • Young Courtisan
    Name: Young Courtisan
  • Marie Antoinette
    Name: Marie Antoinette
    Code: YMAN
  • Medievel Kidswear
    Name: Medievel Kidswear
    Code: PRINCESS1
  • Gladiator Boots
    Name: Gladiator Boots
    Code: ZWPB
  • Ziggy Stardust
    Name: Ziggy Stardust
    Code: ZIGGY
  • Zombie Soldier
    Name: Zombie Soldier
    Code: ZOMBIES
  • Zoot Suit
    Name: Zoot Suit
    Code: 5177
  • 1920s
    Name: 1920s
  • 1950s
    Name: 1950s
  • 1970s
    Name: 1970s
  • 40s Evening Dress
    Name: 40s Evening Dress
  • 80s Prom dresses
    Name: 80s Prom dresses
  • 90's Tv Soap Operas - 90210
    Name: 90's Tv Soap Operas - 90210
  • AC/DC
    Name: AC/DC
  • Abraham Lincoln
    Name: Abraham Lincoln
  • Absolutley Fabulous
    Name: Absolutley Fabulous
  • Adam Ant
    Name: Adam Ant
  • Addams Family
    Name: Addams Family
  • Air Hostess Modern
    Name: Air Hostess Modern
    Description: air hostess, New Zealand
  • Air New Zealand Hostess
    Name: Air New Zealand Hostess
  • Airforce
    Name: Airforce
    Description: uniform, airforce, Andrews Sisters
  • Aladdin
    Name: Aladdin
  • Alice Cooper
    Name: Alice Cooper
  • Alice In Wonderland
    Name: Alice In Wonderland
  • Allie Hamilton - The Notebook
    Name: Allie Hamilton - The Notebook
  • American Football
    Name: American Football
  • American Gothic
    Name: American Gothic
  • Amy Winehouse
    Name: Amy Winehouse
  • Ana - Frozen
    Name: Ana - Frozen
    Description: Disney, frozen, Anna
  • Ana - Frozen Coronation Dress
    Name: Ana - Frozen Coronation Dress
  • Andrew's Sisters Warbird
    Name: Andrew's Sisters Warbird
    Code: ASW
  • Angel
    Name: Angel
  • Annabelle
    Name: Annabelle
  • Annie
    Name: Annie
  • Apocalyptic Pagan
    Name: Apocalyptic Pagan
  • Aquaman - DC
    Name: Aquaman - DC
  • Aragorn - Lord Of The Rings
    Name: Aragorn - Lord Of The Rings
  • Army  Desert Camo
    Name: Army Desert Camo
    Code: 9212
  • Artemis Greek Goddess of the Moon and the Hunt
    Name: Artemis Greek Goddess of the Moon and the Hunt
    Code: WARRIOR
  • Artist
    Name: Artist
  • Assorted Evening Dresses
    Name: Assorted Evening Dresses
    Code: FORMAL
  • Assorted Wedding Dresses
    Name: Assorted Wedding Dresses
    Code: SWED
  • Athena Greek Goddess Wisdom and Warfare
    Name: Athena Greek Goddess Wisdom and Warfare
    Code: WARRIOR
  • Austin Powers
    Name: Austin Powers
  • Baby - Toddler
    Name: Baby - Toddler
  • Back To The Future
    Name: Back To The Future
    Code: FUT
  • Ballerina
    Name: Ballerina
    Code: BALLET
  • Baseball
    Name: Baseball
    Code: BASEBALL
  • Basketball
    Name: Basketball

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